Wednesday, May 30, 2018

More things you cannot say

Robby Soave argues this analogy:
Huge ratings weren't enough to save the rebooted Roseanne, which was formally cancelled by ABC on Tuesday after star Roseanne Barr described former Obama administration aide Valerie Jarrett as if "the Muslim brotherhood and Planet of the Apes had a baby" on Twitter.

It was a vile thing to say, though no one has any right to be surprised that Barr said it. The notoriously pro-Trump comedian—who is otherwise something of an ardent leftist—has a long history of offensive, nonsensical utterances. ...

But conservatives are already coming for people's livelihoods. Not even a week has passed since the NFL caved to pressure from conservative viewers—as well as the president himself—and banned players from kneeling during the national anthem as a protest against police violence.

And that's the problem. Conservatives won't watch football unless all the players comport themselves perfectly, rigidly adhering to the right's version of patriotic correctness.
No, the players can stay in the locker room if they want, and they can also tweet whatever they want on their own time.

The problem is that the football situation was not a "protest against police violence." It started as a show of support for Michael Brown attempting to kill a police officer in Ferguson Mo. That is how Colin Kaepernick explained it.

Threatening to kill cops for racial reasons is 100x worse that making fun of someone's ugliness. Or whatever Roseanne was referring to. Jarrett was born in Iran, and is partially African-American. I did not see the tweet that Roseanne was responding to.

It appears that the Roseanne show was only popular because it was marketed as featuring a pro-Trump conservative. But it was false advertising, and the ratings were dropping fast.

Apparently all the Roseanne critics think that Africans look like apes, even tho Jarrett does not even look particularly African.

Meanwhile, England's Tommy Robinson is being jailed for a year for reporting on some criminal trials. I don't know the details, because the UK makes it illegal to report them. It has something to do with the UK govt importing Muslims to rape British children. Apparently it is considered offensive to say anything about it.

England is being invaded. They fought the Nazis, but they appear to no longer have the will to defend themselves.

Finally, Starbucks closed early yesterday. Every news report I saw described the problem as being a Philadelphia Starbucks manager having a couple of blacks arrested for just sitting a few minutes without ordering anything. No, they were no arrested for that. They got mad because they were told that the restrooms were for customers only. The police only arrested them after they created a scene, and refused to leave even after the police told them that they would be arrestped if they continued to stay without buying anything.

According to widespread comments, black ppl in the USA commonly think that only black ppl are treated this way. I can tell you from personal experience that this is completely false. I have been told that restrooms are for customers only. Whites are often told that they have to leave if they don't buy anything. The cops will arrest anyone who refuses to leave a business after the business asks him to leave and who continues to refuse after confronting the cops. That is how things work in civilized society. I don't see how blacks can really think that these are rules that only apply to black ppl.

Update: I checked what the Jews at the NY Times are saying, and they are running many articles about Roseanne. But they just have anti-white and anti-Trump slurs, and not arguments. There is just name-calling that is about on the level of Roseanne's tweet. The paper continues to tell lies about the Philadelphia Starbucks, but doesn't really explain what it has to do with a light-skinned woman from Iran.

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