Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Impediment to the child’s success and happiness

A report on some scientific data about race and IQ drew this comment:
I am not a fan of this kind of article. What possible good does it do anybody to talk about racial superiority in any of its many forms? In fact, it can do a great deal of harm, both to a population and to individuals. Say that there is a really, really smart kid from some race deemed generally less intelligent. What does it to to that kid, growing up, thinking he doesn’t measure up or that his parents don’t, etc? The obvious answer is that this is an impediment to the child’s success and happiness in life.
This is such a strange comment. The really smart kid is likely to be getting high grades and doing well. If he comes from a less intelligent group, then he will stand out all the more above his peers.

Is he going to be unhappy because his distant cousins are not so smart?

Schools sometimes refuse to tell kids their IQ scores, but the reason is not to protect the smart kids. Nobody thinks that the smart kids are hurt by learning about IQ.

It is primarily the left-wingers who are frequently talking about how poorly blacks, women, latinos, and other groups are doing. Supposedly this is not intended to make them feel bad, but to lay a guilt trip on white males instead. They also promote affirmative action programs which do have the result of smart kid thinking that they did not achieve anything on their own, but out of the generosity of white males.

For the most part, right-wingers seek to avoid identity politics, and to treat people like individuals.

The Left gets much of its power by telling lies about how everyone is equal, and trying to shame anyone who disagrees. The only effective rebuttal is to give cold hard facts, even if some ppl find them uncomfortable.

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