Thursday, March 08, 2018

Why black people are afraid

The movie Get Out just won an Oscar:
“The conventional dynamic people understand is white fear of the black neighborhood,” says Peele. “In recent times, we’ve been dealing with the fact that black people have a lot to fear in a white neighborhood. This movie explores why black people are afraid of white people.”
Really? Is that a thing?

Surely blacks have a lot more fear in black neighborhoods than white neighborhoods. The chances of a black being victim of a crime are about ten times higher in the black neighborhoods.

I am guessing that most ppl saw this movie as an amusing race-reversal movie. They understand whites have a fear of black neighborhoods but aren't allowed to talk about it, so they watch this movie and imagine all the races reversed.

I also wonder if Black Panther is just a clever way of making fun of black ppl. It is a modern version of Amos 'n' Andy.

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