Saturday, March 31, 2018

Moslems are killing Jews in Paris

The NY Times Jewish opinion writers say this:
One of the suspects told the investigators that the other had shouted “Allahu Akbar” while killing Ms. Knoll, according to Le Monde. ... On Tuesday, Gérard Collomb, the interior minister, told Parliament that one of the attackers had told the other: “She’s a Jew. She must have money.” ...

It’s a neighborhood that has already borne witness to a nearly identical crime. Almost exactly a year ago, a 65-year-old Jewish widow named Sarah Halimi was murdered by her neighbor, 27-year-old Kobili Traoré. Other neighbors said they heard Mr. Traoré scream “Allahu Akbar” as he beat Ms. Halimi, a retired doctor, to near death in the early hours of April 4, 2017. He then threw her body into the courtyard below.

It took months for Ms. Halimi’s murder to be categorized as an anti-Jewish hate crime. “It was scandalous,” said Mr. Goldnadel, the lawyer, who also represented the Halimi family.
It was not so much anti-Jewish as pro-Islam. The NY Times itself was at the forefront of downplaying the Islamic nature of these crimes. See here for proof.
Anti-Semitism was supposed to be a disease of the far right. But the people actually killing Jews in France these days are not members of the National Front. They are Islamists.

“The major crimes against the Jewish community — Ilan Halimi, the Toulouse killings, the Hyper Cacher killings, Sarah Halimi — all of them have all been carried out by radicalized Muslims,” Robert Ejnes, the executive director of CRIF, an umbrella organization of French Jewish groups, told me in a call from Paris. “These young people have French identity cards, but they hate what France stands for. This is the nature of the problem we are facing. And it’s very hard to talk about.”
That's right. Jews blame the far right with every chance they get, but the threat to Jews comes from Islam, and Jews and Jewish organizations have been the main ones pushing for Islamic immigration. For example, the NY Times.

If Jews had any sense, they would join the far right and call for a ban on Moslem immigration. But they won't, because Moslem immigration supports some of their other purposes.

Another NY Times Jewish columnist writes:
Racism is America’s great sin, and if there isn’t continual progress to combat it, the nation becomes ugly to itself.

Moreover, you wind up with the depressing results reported in The Times last week, that even when African-American families do manage to rise to affluence, their boys can’t stay there because of systemic racism and the lack of fathers/role models in their neighborhoods.
No, the study did not find systemic racism at all. This is just another example of Brooks misrepresenting social science research.
Intermarriage rates are also rising. In 1967, 3 percent of Americans married outside their race or ethnicity. Now 17 percent do. Twenty-four percent of black men marry a woman outside their race, as do 12 percent of black women. ...

If we’re going to kick-start another push toward racial integration — which is more or less a moral necessity — maybe the place to start is in the neighborhoods.
It is bizarre how Jews, in Hollywood and in the press, are always trying to get black men to mate with white (non-Jewish) women. Netflix shows are now filled with this. An example is Jessica Jones, who is a white non-Jewish comic book super-hero women, but she regularly get defiled by a big black man. Likewise with a dozen other Netflix shows.

Here this Jewish columnist at a Jewish newspapers claims that promoting such miscegenation is a "moral necessity". But not for Jews, of course, as Africans are kept out of Israel.

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