Monday, March 12, 2018

Labeling Jews a hostile elite

Talking Points Memo reports:
MacDonald has claimed that Jews are trying to change the “racial hierarchy” in the U.S. by promoting immigration from non-European countries, and he has said that Jewish people lack the “moral idealism” that he claims white people possess. MacDonald has written, appeared on and edited for several openly racist media outlets like the Occidental Observer and The Political Cesspool.

In April 2013 he wrote in the Occidental Observer: “Given the prospect that Jews will continue as an elite hostile toward White America and given the ethnic/racial transformation of the country resulting from importing millions of people who do not identify with the traditional people and culture of the country (presumably the Boston bombers) and often have historical grudges of their own to grind, the future of Whites in America is grim indeed.”

In January 2013, he told the David Duke Show that Jewish people “don’t really have moral principles,” but rather “a set of interests.” In December 2012, he claimed that Jewish people are “opposed to the interests of the traditional people of America.”

“I realize that many good people shy away from saying it, but the reality is that Jews have very aggressively pursued policies that benefit them and are opposed to the interests of the traditional people of America and the West,” he wrote. “And because Jews attained status as an intellectual and media elite, they have been able to have a very large effect on public policy and even on the attitudes of non-Jews.”
It is funny how articles like this will quote this stuff, and make no effort to rebut it except to declare it is anti-Semitic.

Okay, I accept that many now use the term to mean saying that Jews pursue their own group interests.

There is a faction of the Alt Right that greatly admires the Jews, and that seeks to similarly pursue their own ethnic group interests.

The Daily Stormer blames the Jews for everything. It quotes the above, and adds:
The Jews absolutely are a “hostile elite.” They are the single most wealthy and powerful group in America, and they use that wealth and power to abuse the native population of this country in absurd, extreme ways. They absolutely are the sole driving force behind the mass immigration agenda.

They are also the sole driving force behind:

Racial integration
The homosexual agenda
The feminist agenda
The pornography agenda
Removing prayer from schools
The abortion agenda
Gun control
The censorship of political speech
The tranny agenda
The anti-Trump agenda

And the list goes on and on and on.

They use their power in the financial industry, the news media, academia and Hollywood to shove all of this stuff down our throats.
This is clearly exaggerated. They are only maybe 50-80% of the driving force behind the mass immigration agenda and those other items. Maybe 90% in the cases of porn, school prayer, and feminism.

For saying things like this, Google and others have expelled the Daily Stormer from the .com world. That is just Google's way of saying that the Daily Stormer is mostly correct. When I have found YouTube videos with warnings, the warnings are invariably based on the video containing uncomfortable truths.

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