Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Trump does not unequivocally condemn

The Left is still attacking Donald Trump for not saying yes to this question:
Will you unequivocally condemn David Duke and say that you don’t want his vote or that of other White Supremacists in this election?
Only a horrible person would demand a Yes answer.

From what I can see, David Duke has not endorsed Donald Trump, and is not a White Supremacist. Check out his web site for details. He does say “Jews are taking over America”, but he denies that whites, Jews, or any other ethnic group should have supremacy.

The term "White Supremacist" appears to be used exclusively by white-haters for purposes of derogatory name-calling.

But regardless of Duke's views, it is completely unreasonable to expect a politician to unequivocally condemn anyone, or to refuse votes from anyone. God judges, not political candidates. Politicians accept votes from anyone, and have no control over the views of their voters.

This was like asking Barack Obama, when he was a candidate: "Do you unequivocally condemn Rev. Wright and all the other niggers who hate white America?" Obama refused to condemn Rev. Wright.

Now the black Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has praised Trump, and Trump has no control over that either

It is a characteristic of the Left that it seeks to suppress alternative views, and shaming anyone who even tries to listen to balanced opinions on a subject. Right-wingers are perfectly happy exposing the views of their opponents, and explaining why they are wrong.

The Left consists of haters who want to unequivocally condemn their enemies, and others using guilt-by-association.

As I write this, Michael Medved is highly praising Stephen Colbert's attack on Trump's answer.

Trump's answer was completely reasonable. He said that he did not know enuf about Duke to unequivocally condemn him, and that he would have to see the list of other groups before condemning them either.

Medved is Jewish and complained that the Democrats will call Trump anti-semitic, even tho he is the most pro-Jewish presidential candidate in decades. Duke is extremely critical of Jews.

Medved should understand the media better than this. Colbert has lousy ratings with his stupid political antics.

It is not that complicated.

Trump is running for President, while the liberal news media, super-rich, and elite power brokers hate him for his pro-America and populist stances. The only way he can get his message out is to stay in the public eye.

So about once a week he says something provocative, and baits the press into making a big story out of it. Every time his enemies gleefully announce that they finally have the weapon they need to destroy him. They publicize Trump in an attempt to destroy him, but in the end, it turns out that what Trump said was completely reasonable.

The first couple of times this happened, I thought that it was dumb luck. But now Trump has been doing this over and over for 6 months. Trump is out-smarting all of his enemies.

Trump is a genius, and he is the best Presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan.

Update: A comment questioned me saying that Trump is pro-Jewish. See this Jewish article for proof.


Anonymous said...

I think virtually everyone has something they would like to say that is controversial but do not for fear of the reaction of the group they are in. Trump speaks his mind on just about everything, and it makes him likeable to many walks of life. I find myself liking him for his humour and his free speech. I am not American, but if I were he would have my vote.

I especially liked the way he stayed back with Ben Carson as others walked by him and onto the stage at one of the GOP debates. Carson is also a very likeable person. And I got the impression that Trump was being true to his beliefs when he stayed back and waited for Carson to be reintroduced to the stage. It was the act of a gentleman. The others could not have cared less.

Anonymous said...

I seriously, doubt that if you genuinely believed that Trump is the most pro-Jewish candidate in decades, you'd be supporting him. You say that they control Hollywood, the media, and the Federal Reserve, etc. and you want a candidate that is pro-Jewish ? How does that make any sense ? Are you in favor of them having all of this control ? Do you want a president that's going to support them more than other candidates so they can maintain this control or gain even more ? It seems pretty hard to believe.

Roger said...

The President does not have any power over Jews in Hollywood. I guess it is possible that Trump will appoint more Jews to the Federal Reserve Board, but there are many more important issues.

Roger said...

Trump's popularity is based mostly on immigration, trade, and dissatisfaction with the Republican establishment. I would guess that most Trump supporters are not interested in Jewish issues.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mention the Supreme Court but, he can nominate Jewish Supreme Court Justices like Obama and other presidents. You'd recently written of Obama having done just that.

Roger said...

Yes, Trump could appoint Jewish judges. He could also appoint judges like his judge sister, who is not particularly conservative. Many conservatives are supporting Ted Cruz, because (in part) he is much more knowledgeable and conservative on judicial matters.