Saturday, March 19, 2016

Today's Trump hater

My local newspaper just published this letter:
We now represent the largest voting bloc, and we will vote. Independents, who despise Hillary, will vote. And we will win. Krauthammer’s accusation that Trump is a victim is dangerous. Trump is literally spewing hate speech from his orange baloney lips. Peaceful protesters are being attacked, and he is encouraging the violence. Trump has gone from an entertaining spectacle to a serious cause for concern. Anyone who defends him or blames his opponents is supporting him and should be silenced.

— Erik F. Eriksen, Santa Cruz
Krauthammer is another Trump hater, but this guy says he must be silenced also for criticizing protesters.

Note the reasoning here. The letter does not present any substantive argument. The author just declares himself to be on the side of the good-guy majority, and wants to silence the opposition. And also silence anyone who defends, sympathizes, or associates with the opposition.

(The author appears to be no relation to Erick Erickson, another Trump hater.)

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