Sunday, March 13, 2016

Democrats want a race war

The NY Times published 100s of stories implying that white Ferguson cops go around killing innocent black kids, and inciting hatred of whites. Now it writes:
The anger from both sides was so raw, they concluded — from supporters of Donald J. Trump who are terrified they are losing their country and from protesters who fear he is leading the nation down a dark road of hate — that a dreaded moment was starting to look inevitable. “I don’t see where that anger goes,” the historian Heather Cox Richardson predicted a few weeks ago, “except into violence.”

This weekend it finally arrived.
The violence is coming entire from those who hate white Christians. The Democrat presidential candidates have based their candidacies on white hate and anti-white policies.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are doing everything to excuse black criminals killing white cops.

The Democrats wants a race war. Trump does not, but he cannot allow criminals and thugs to shut down his campaign.


Anonymous said...

My brother took my mom to the Trump rally. Very calm crowd stretching 10 blocks 2 hrs before the speech. Then the protesters arrived. BLM thugs literally spitting at them. F-bombs right in her face Brave - because my Mom is scarily spry at 90. I"Nazi"

Roger said...

It will be interested to see whether the voters are intimidated by the thugs on Tuesday.

Rusty said...
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