Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rich leftists hate the middle class

A few decades ago, almost all Americans described themselves as middle class. Now the data show that they are increasingly split into the rich and the poor.

This is one reason that they are willing to spend so much for college. There is a consensus that you need a college degree to get the good life.

It is common to hear complaints about the gap between the rich and the poor, so you might think that everyone wants a strong middle class. The Democrat party is entirely dependent on a large underclass. It also likes the rich, but the rich liberals hate the middle class:
The true enemy of the rich is not the poor but the middle class — the hated bourgeoisie for which both international finance capitalists and international communists have so much contempt. If you own your own home, have strong family support, have savings, perhaps run your own business, or have some source of income other than wages paid by an employer, or you work in a career field where demand for your labor is high and you earn high wages, then you are your own person. You can earn a decent living without bootlicking.

If you are an American citizen and middle class, you are a powerful force to be reckoned with. Although you are not rich, you have rights and assets and you have something to lose. You have numbers and the ability to organize and raise funds to pursue your interests.

The rich have more assets than you but they lack your numbers. You can organize against the rich to pursue your own interests and put your considerable collective assets to work to defeat the rich who are smaller in number. You have voting power.

Currently, our richest Americans have global interests, which are in direct conflict to the interests of the American middle class and the American nation at large. While small in number, the rich are winning in their aims and the middle class is losing. The rich are organized and their goal is clear in their minds — at least in the minds of the richest few who are pulling the strings. These few are in firm control of the media, the government, the banks and the monetary system.
The past few decades have seen many liberal policies put in place that have the net effect of damaging the middle class.

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