Sunday, January 31, 2016

Democrats celebrate white hatred

Foreign Policy Magazine celebrates the decline of White Christian men:
White men have had a great run. From the rise of the Greeks to the birth of Western-based global empires, they have controlled much of the world or sought to: So much of history is a consequence of decisions made by — and at the behest of — the white guys in charge. ...

Finally, thanks to the mobility revolution of the past century, flows of refugees and migrants of all kinds have shifted the demographics of societies ...

The result is that the status quo of the past several millennia is going to undergo a profound change. In Europe alone, the influx of migrants and refugees is already producing irreversible demographic shifts — a great blending of cultures.

But by mid-century in the United States, the former majority population will be a minority: The majority, according to demographers, will be nonwhite. By that time, Europe will include massive populations from Africa and the Middle East, as well as Asia. This is to say that by 2050 white men will be the ones checking the “other” box on census forms.
The author, David Rothkopf, identifies as non-white and non-Christian, so I guess he is pursuing his ethnic interests.

He is assuming that the white guys in charge are going to commit demographic suicide. That seems likely from leaders like Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, and Hillary Clinton. Oops, these are not white guys. There are hardly any politicians opposed to these trends, except maybe Donald Trump. Rothkopf argues that the demographic changes have already guaranteed that Hillary Clinton will be the next President, and that she will accelerate the attacks on white Christian men.

There will, of course, be good and bad aspects to any such changes. The article does not argue that they will improve the well-being of Americans, by any measures like income, crime, freedom, etc. Instead he argues that we should celebrate diversity for its own sake:
Of course, human mobility is not something to be fought, but rather something to be embraced. While belonging to a community is wired into our DNA for reasons linked to the survival-based social units of our most ancient ancestors, the story of civilization and progress has been one about the blending and reblending of those units. ...

What we need instead are those who will stand up and say, “No. You have it wrong. Diversity is not the threat. It is the answer.” That is, in fact, what has made America and every diverse society great. To be sure, we should not — not for one minute — lament the passing of the white-male era, for there is at least a glimmer of hope that soon to come is the era of “all.”
The story of civilization is one of invaders destroying what others have built, of ethnic differences causing hostility, and of blending by rape.

If this blending really worked, then Israel would absorb the Palestinian Arabs.

We do have a choice about whether to elect Hillary Clinton and to continue the mass influx of Third World migrants.

Before you vote to end the era, you might want to consider what white Christians males have done for modern civilization. I am guessing that it has been over 90% of scientific breakthrus, inventions, and other accomplishments that have created our modern standard of living. Or maybe even 99% of what is important.

The Democrat Party has aligned itself with demographic interests as no American party has before. It wins elections only by getting the votes of non-whites, non-Christians, single women, others with gender identity issues, government dependents, and low-info voters. The Obama administration has stood for the creation of racial animosity with Trayvon Martin and Ferguson Missouri, and Hillary Clinton says the President should be a women because women are better.

I suppose there have always been disreputation publications that promote racial, sexual, and ethnic animosity, but Foreign Policy is a respectable magazine. Rothkopf had a job in the Bill Clinton administration, and looks forward to an offer from the Hillary Clinton administration. Mainstream Democrats now openly say that it is a good thing that White Christian patriarchal culture is being destroyed. They preach hatred of whites, Christians, and masculinity, and they are intolerant of anyone who does not go along with their leftist agenda.

How far does this go? White Christian males are the most tolerant in the world, but at some point, they are going to fight back. They ought to, anyway.

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