Thursday, January 14, 2016

Getting directions from a machine

We are being enslaved by robots, and here is more evidence:
The speed at which I’ve started following commands from a computer algorithm shows how easily we will give up our own self-determination in the face of advancing technology.

Instead of using my own knowledge to determine an acceptable route to a known location, I have willingly relinquished control to an app. While I enjoy the time savings that Waze offers me, I fear how I will incrementally and voluntarily give up more of my free will to computers that can process information much more efficiently than I can. Bit by bit, I will have my behavior constrained by the digital cloud, entrapping myself in a prison of my own doing.
I was very much surprised about 20 years ago when I discovered how willing people were to take orders from physicians, optometrists, dentists, and other professionals.

To me, these professionals just give facts and recommendations so that I can make an informed decision. However, I found that most people do not want to go against professional advice, and prefer to get orders.

Three things have accelerated this willingness. First, there is a belief that algorithms are more objective than humans, and therefore people are actually more willing to take orders from robots than professionals. Second, the younger generation has gotten accustomed to taking orders from Apple gadgets and Google. Third, improvements in artificial intelligence has made machine orders more reliable.

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