Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Failing to control behavior

Andrew Anglin writes:
An 18 year old Austrian woman was “rushed to hospital” in the early hours of this morning after a drink with an Afghan stranger she met on a train turned into a sex attack. ...

At the time of his arrest, the man was found to be carrying a quantity of forged money, and marijuana. He is being kept in pre-trial custody. ...

This is officially a crisis. And feminism is at the root of this crisis.

There is absolutely no doubt that this girl who thought it was a great idea to go to a park at night and drink alcohol with a random Afghani was one of the women out there shilling for the invasion, shouting down everyone who was like “no wait this is completely insane” and calling them Nazis.

If you tell a child they can eat whatever they want, they will eat nothing but candy. Then they will get sick. That is what we’ve done with women, allowing them to make decisions. They called in millions of monkeys from the world over, now they’re getting mass-raped.

Feminism is not a defect in women. It is the natural outcome of men failing to control the behavior of women.

We let them loose and now they’re getting mass-raped, and need our help. And we should help. We should protect them. We should avoid “you stupid slut, this is what you deserve!”-type thinking.

Instead, we should be compassionate, and understand that pretty well every teenage girl who is told she can do whatever she wants, after being inundated her entire life with Jewish propaganda, will go into the woods alone to get drunk with an Afghani man and then be completely shocked by the surprise sex.

If you told a 2-year-old to eat whatever he wants, and he ate only candy and got sick, you wouldn’t say to the child “you stupid brat, this is what you deserve!”
He is often trolling, but he gets his point across. He is hated on this leftist race-baiting site.

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