Monday, August 03, 2009

Reason for private schools

The Half Sigma blog writes:
As I explained earlier in this chapter, one of the primary benefits of private school is that they pass on upper class values to their students. This is why it’s important that the teachers come from the right social background. Private schools attract teachers from upper class backgrounds, and job applicants from the wrong background are screened out during the hiring process. Public school teachers, on the other hand, may even come from working class backgrounds, and these teachers will definitely be teaching your children the wrong values!
I think that this explains most of the motivation for private schools. People like to say that they are paying for private school in order to get a better academic education. But I have seen people pay a lot of money when there is a much better and cheaper academic alternative.

Forced racial school bussing was never just for more equal academics. It was to impart upper and middle class white values on lower class black kids.

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