Saturday, August 01, 2009

Domestic violence against women only

I had assumed that the domestic violence laws were formally sex-neutral, but here is Calif Health and Safety Code sect. 124250:
(1) "Domestic violence" means the infliction or threat of physical harm against past or present adult or adolescent female intimate partners, and shall include physical, sexual, and psychological abuse against the woman, and is a part of a pattern of assaultive, coercive, and controlling behaviors directed at achieving compliance from or control over, that woman. ...

(e) In implementing the grant program pursuant to this section, the State Department of Public Health shall consult with an advisory council ... The membership of the council shall consist of domestic violence advocates, battered women service providers, and representatives of women's organizations, law enforcement, and other groups involved with domestic violence, and at least one representative of service providers serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community for purposes of domestic violence.
Now I am wondering whether this council really has any "domestic violence advocates" on it. It seems to me that a domestic violence advocate is someone who advocates domestic violence. That might balance out some of the others on this council!

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