Saturday, March 03, 2007

Leftist blogs use more dirty words

Some bloggers are complaining that Ann Coulter used an offensive term as part of a joke to a conservative audience. It is funny how most of them are either unable or unwilling to say exactly why they are offended (if they really are offended).

The NewsBuckit did a comparison:
But how different are the Rightosphere and Leftosphere when it comes to "dirty" language? ...

And this is what I found, using what I deemed ... to be the 18 biggest Lefty blogs, and 22 biggest Righty blogs. ...

So how much more does the Left use Carlin's "seven words" versus the Right? According to my calculations, try somewhere in the range of 18-to-1.
This study is not surprising. The Left does far more coarse name-calling than the Right.

Remember it was John Edwards who launched a bigoted gay-baiting attack on Cheney's family on national TV in 2004. Running mate John Kerry didn't disavow it; he followed it up with his own anti-gay attack on national TV. The entire Democrat Party applauded.

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