Monday, March 12, 2007

Jury clears girl in suit over bike-skate crash

New Jersey news:
A Morris County civil jury deliberated just 15 minutes Monday before clearing a Chester Township teenager of negligence when she and a wealthy physician neighbor collided in 2003 while she was inline skating and he was bicycling. ...

The physician -- who earned $800,000 in 2004 and got $750,000 for half the sale of his former fertility practice -- also maintained that he deserved about $160,000 to cover income he lost recuperating from his injuries.

According to testimony, the doctor saw the girl skating ahead of him on Sugar Maple Row and paced her for about 400 feet before deciding to pass her. He said he rang his bell several times as he approached from behind and yelled "watch out" when she did not appear to hear him.
So a rich physician crashed into an 11-year-old girl from behind, and he sued her!

I wonder how much his occupation was a factor here. Apparently he was used to exploiting desperate women for obscene amounts of money. Most people would say that he was at fault for not watching where he was going.

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