Friday, March 16, 2007

Feminism defined as equality

Conservapedia defines feminism
The University of Oklahoma offers "There are many definitions of what a feminist is--the simplest and probably the best is what is listed in most dictionaries—'a person who believes in the full equality of women and men.' ... The goal of feminism is equality ...
The source continued:
I guarantee you -- when men start being 50% of secretaries or 50% of fathers -- those careers will become much more valued.
The feminists want men to be 50% of fathers? Just what do they want the other 50% to be?

I think the author wanted 50% of stay-at-home parents to be men, or 50% of fathers to assume a mother's role, or something like that.

It is funny how feminist complaints center on asking men to do women's work. The jobs that are over 99% male (according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics) are: loggers, car body repairers, cement masons, truck mechanics, power-line installers, tool and die makers, and roofers. Women can sign up for these jobs anytime they want.

I got this list from the March 12 San Jose Mercury News. I did not see the story online. The percentages were from 2006, with wage data from May 2005. The only job that was 99% female was dental hygienist. The dental hygienists have an annual median wage of $60,890, more than all of the above male occupations.

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