Thursday, May 18, 2006

Popular baby names

NY Times news on baby names:
Chances are you don't have any friends named Nevaeh. Chances are today's toddlers will.

In 1999, there were only eight newborn American girls named Nevaeh. Last year, it was the 70th-most-popular name for baby girls, ahead of Sara, Vanessa and Amanda.

The spectacular rise of Nevaeh (commonly pronounced nah-VAY-uh) has little precedent, name experts say. They watched it break into the top 1,000 of girls' names in 2001 at No. 266, the third-highest debut ever. Four years later it cracked the top 100 with 4,457 newborn Nevaehs, having made the fastest climb among all names in more than a century, the entire period for which the Social Security Administration has such records.

Nevaeh is not in the Bible or any religious text. It is not from a foreign language. It is not the name of a celebrity, real or fictional.

Nevaeh is Heaven spelled backward.
Gosh, I thought that I had picked an unusual name for my daughter Neva when she was born in 1999. I didn't want her to share a name with her classmates. Little did I know, I was just a little ahead of a big fad. Oh well, at least the spelling is different, and those Nevaehs are not old enough to be in her class.

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