Monday, May 01, 2006

Five Reasons To Skip College

Forbes magazine says:
New York - College is expensive. Four years at an elite university like Princeton or Harvard will set you back around $160,000. ...

Although there is clearly a correlation between earnings and a four-year degree, a correlation isn't the same thing as a cause. Economists like Robert Reischauer ruffled feathers several years ago by pointing out that talented, driven kids are more likely to go to college in the first place--that they succeed, in other words, because of their innate abilities, not because of their formal education. ...

1. You'll be losing four working years.
2. You won't necessarily earn less money.
3. In fact, you could probably make more money if you invested your tuition.
4. You don't need to be in a classroom in order to learn something.
5. Plenty of other people did fine (without college).
I went to Princeton, but it only cost about $16,000 then for my whole bachelor's degree.

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