Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bad advice from Dear Abby

More bad advice in today's paper:
DEAR ABBY: ... I dated Mickey a total of four weeks. Since then, he has continuously driven by my house and dropped off presents of books, cards, candy, flowers, etc. I have asked him not to come by uninvited or without calling first, but he just dropped off another book. He appears not to understand that his intrusive behavior is freaking me out. What can I do? Is this considered stalking? ...

DEAR FREAKED OUT: Tell the man plainly that you are not interested in a relationship and you want him to stop dropping by and giving you gifts. If he persists, begin keeping a written record every time it happens and notify the police, because his behavior could be considered stalking.
No, it is not a crime. She is dating the guy. A lot of women like surprise attention and gifts from a boyfriend.

DEAR ABBY: I need to know how to handle my mixed-up marriage. My husband is a preacher, and our marriage is falling apart. He cares more for another woman than he does for me. Every time we talk to each other, he always brings her into the conversation. ... Our sex life is terrible. ... It hurts me because I love him so much. What can I do about this? How can I make him understand?

DEAR HURTING: ... Many wives make their husbands "understand" when communication breaks down through marriage counseling, and that's what I recommend for you.
No communication has not broken down. The husband is communicating all too clearly. Marriage counseling will not make him "understand" anything. Going into marriage counseling with that attitude with surely doom the marriage.

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