Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Duke lacrosse report

Duke has a site just for dealing with the lacrosse stripper incident. The latest is a report from former Princeton president Bill Bowen It says that Duke got a police report showing wild inconsistencies in Crystal Gail Mangum's story. She first claimed that she was raped by 20 players, and later said 3 players.

The report also says that Duke underestimated the coming political tidal wave over the incident. Of course. No one could have predicted that the DA, the press, and the public would have gone so berserk over such an apparently phony accusation.

Anyway, I seriously doubt that Bowen would have handled it any better. I was a Princeton student when he was university president, and he did not exercise any control over off-campus parties. He acts like the coach should have monitored off-campus drinking and parties, but Princeton served beer to all students over 18 at the old library on campus. There was no adult supervision for parties whether on campus or off campus. Bowen's list of recommendations is just self-serving doubletalk.

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