Monday, July 15, 2002

The Silicon Valley paper reports that statistics indicate that the local tech firms have been practicing illegal discrimination, but the EEOC cannot find any complaints on which to base lawsuits! The article gives various reasons why someone might not file a complaint, but there is a more obvious explanation: statistical disparities do not prove discrimination.

Crappy medical study of the day. A couple of busybodies sit around at a playground watching kids play, and form unscientific and annoying opinions about telling everyone what they should be doing. This time they see that most of the kids are not wearing helmets, and announce that someone should intervene and make them wear helmets.

Here is the study and the story. Here is a translation of the study for the layman:

Design: We watched our kids play at the park, and while we were there we took notes on how the other kids were playing.

Conclusions: The kids were not sufficiently restrained and were having too much fun. All the parents should be sent to a re-education camp so they'll force their kids to play the way ours do.

California already has a law mandating helmets for kids on bicycles, and is considering a similar law to cover other activities like roller skating and skateboarding.

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