Wednesday, July 31, 2002

John writes that Netscape does not display quotes correctly:

I use Netscape version 4.79 and don't want to change. I keep MSIE version 5.5 on hand, only for the handful of web sites (like Yahoo) that cause Netscape to crash. However, I have never before noticed that Netscape fails to display indented quotes properly.

I print about 100 pages off the web every day. I always use print preview and resize every document to fit the page. Netscape makes that task simple. Earlier versions of MSIE did not allow that at all; in version 5.5 it is possible but takes about twice as long as Netscape.

Additionally, I use the Netscape e-mail program that comes bundled with the browser. Netscape e-mail is far superior to MS Outlook Express, which should be avoided due to security and virus hazards as well as its many stupid design elements.

I went to your blog with MSIE, and the indented paragraphs look fine - indented about 6 spaces.

I don't blame you for avoiding MSOE, but how can you stand to use a browser that crashes on Yahoo? That browser has been obsolete for a while. Try Netscape 7.0 or Mozilla 1.0, reviewed here. There are also a lot of good, free, email programs like Eudora. I don't know why Netscape can't handle <blockquote> tags; that has been plain vanilla HTML for about 10 years.

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