Monday, April 10, 2023

World War T in the Schools

Courts are being clogged with silly transgender cases, such this Indiana decision:
. John M. Kluge brought a Title VII religious discrimination and retaliation suit against Brownsburg Community School Corporation (“Brownsburg”) after he was terminated from his employment as a teacher for refusing to follow the school’s guidelines for addressing students. Brownsburg requires its high school teachers to call all students by the names registered in the school’s official student database, and Kluge objected on religious grounds to using the first names of transgender students to the extent that he deemed those names not consistent with their sex recorded at birth. After Brownsburg initially accommodated Kluge’s request to call all students by their last names only, the school withdrew the accommodation when it became apparent that the practice was harming students and negatively impacting the learning environment for transgender students, other students both in Kluge’s classes and in the school generally, as well as the faculty.
This is absurd. No student is harmed by being called by his last name. Or by pronouns based on sex.

Reading these cases convinces me that transgender advocates are the most unreasonable people on Earth. They are mentally disturbed and want everyone to go along with their psychotic demands.

In another context, Jerry Coyne wrote:

Once you start seeing the word “harm” connected with a science, you better give it close scrutiny, for nearly all the time the word means “offense”, not actual “harm.” And it’s been used in every other science I know of, as well as in medicine, to stymie research. I’m not denying that harm has been caused in the name of science, but nowadays the connection between the two is almost nonexistent.
They say "harm" because that makes it legally actionable, but it is all bogus. There is no harm.

Other cases are about sex-segregation in school sports. Unfortunately these are usually argued in terms of harm, fairness, and effect on elite competitions. These arguments are mostly foolish, on both sides.

Maybe some sports do not need to be sex-segregated. If you agree that sex-segregation has value, then every competitor of the wrong sex is harming everyone who appreciates that value.

If a girl joins a girls team to play with other girls, then that is what she wants. And there is a consensus that girls sports participation is a worthwhile activity. If she is willing to practice and play hundreds of hours, then she is getting sojmething out of it. If you take away the all-girl experience, you are harming her.

If you follow the science, the evidence is overwhelming that (1) sex is binary and immutable; (2) transgender people have serious mental disorders; and (3) gender affirming treatments make them worse, such as increasing the suicide rate; and (4) the transgender movement is harming girls sports and everything else it affects.

This war is being fought by a trans lobby that isn't even particularly interested in sports. Their real target is Christendom. They will say and do anything to bring down the culture. They are evil and destructive.

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CFT said...

I'm terribly curious as to why a transgender person (.3 percent of the population according to the dubious CDC) can be irreparably 'harmed' by being 'misgendered', but the over 99 percent of the rest of the population which is not trans (including the gay community) should be perfectly fine with being told their biological sex does not even actually exist. I have never seen gaslighting taken to such a ridiculous extreme.

To borrow an argument from Matt Walsh, If a woman of child bearing years who can not get pregnant goes to a doctor they will attempt to find out what is wrong. If a man of any age can not get pregnant goes to the doctor to ask why, they don't even bother to find out what is medically wrong. Why is that?