Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Multimodel models of animal sex

A new science pre-print argues:
“The vast array of sexual determination and reproductive systems challenge frameworks that impose human cultural binary categories on animals.” ...

The historical legacies of sexism, racism, queerphobia, and ableism have deeply influenced the frameworks we use to study nature. Challenging these foundations is difficult but vital to both increasing inclusion in biology and dismantling assumptions that interfere with our ability to observe the natural world on its own terms. ...

There is pressure for scientists to avoid making the politics of our work explicit, especially those of us who do not directly study social issues. However, especially in the United States, legislation targeting TGNC people is increasingly undergirded with simplistic binary language purportedly rooted in biology.

I don't even know what "TNGC" is, but it is obvious that the authors are trying to justify their sexual perversions by denying that animal sex is binary.

Of course animals are divided into male and female, and that is not a human cultural imposition.

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CFT said...

That reads like a bullshit psych paper generated by an ChatGpt AI for a gender theory course, not an actual scientific paper. For anyone who wants to pretend that gender is not binary in humans, I would simply ask:
"Other than male or female, what hypothesized genders can actually reproduce with one another?" If your answer is 'it's complicated...' Congratulations, you have failed basic English and biology in the effort to appeal to your Du Jour politics. A Man is an adult human male. A woman is an adult human female. Words actually mean specific things, if those meanings become completely malleable, the words and the ideas associated with them themselves become meaningless, which is what I believe to be the entire endeavor of those behind the transgender movement, the destruction of words and thoughts in the attempt to control what people think and make them more easy to manipulate.

A few reminders:

1.) A sexual preference for the same gender is not a separate sex or gender: John may be sexually attracted to men, but John can not procreate with a male, thus, his sexual 'preference' is not a because of a new different or previously unnoticed gender or sex. Liking the same sex sexually makes you a homosexual, not a new gender or alien species.

2.) A sexual fetish is like a sexual preference, but is not determined by biology whatsoever, such as: John is sexually attracted to John Deer Tractors. No matter how much John wishes to become one with his Hunter Green motorized field implement, he can not father little John Deer Tractors by sexual relations. A fetish is not a separate sex or gender, it's just a sexual kink that John's neighbors will soon be snickering about behind his back while he is out in his field humping his incredibly sexy tractor.

3.) Cosplay is purely pretend, and not sex or gender. Every child at Halloween knows this. A man in Drag is not a separate sex or gender, it is a performative behavior, Costume play. Dressing up as something does not confer any intrinsic properties of something, so a man dressing up as a doctor does not miraculously suddenly gain the skills and knowledge of a doctor, and for the record, folks do get quite upset when someone claims merely a profession they don't have, much less a gender. A person who believes that dress up turns them into another profession, gender, or sex is clearly either a small child, a mentally ill/deluded adult...or a typical Hollywood actor looking for publicity.

A man who has effeminate characteristics in his behavior is not a woman. A woman who has masculine characteristics in her behavior is not a man. Why this obvious reality is so confusing and conflated with gender or sex to so many of only one particular political party in North America is almost as deeply disturbing as the inability of said political party members to understand the words themselves.