Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Debut Novel Canceled for Plagiarism

Jumi Bello’s debut novel hasn’t even dropped yet, but it is already one of the buzzworthy literary works anticipated this year. The Leaving is slated for a summer ’22 release, and is centered around a young Black woman’s journey through an unexpected pregnancy, stigma, and mental health. Bello has already established herself as an out-of-the-box writer, which makes her debut all the more exciting. Those who are eager to read The Leaving want to know more about who its author is. So we reveal her background in this Jumi Bello wiki.
Her father is Nigerian. The book may be autobiographical. Don't get too excited, as the novel was canceled for plagiarism. She wrote an essay explaining:
Bello’s essay explored the origins of plagiarism and her specific experience with it, which she tied indirectly to a history of mental illness. After a stay in a psychiatric ward and an allergic reaction to an antidepressant, Bello found herself pressed to deliver on her manuscript: “I just want to get through it, to a place where I can sleep again. Looking back on this moment, I ignored my instincts. I ignored the voice inside that said quietly, this is wrong wrong wrong.”
You will have a hard time finding that essay, as it was also canceled for plagiarism.

I am not judging here. The plagiarism may have been minor. This is what we get, because the publishing industry does not accept debut novels from White men anymore. Academic publishers are also biased towards wokism.

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CFT said...

After you rob the bank, what then?

With most woke garbage, the same question glaringly applies.
After you bamboozle your way into something, exactly how long do you expect to hold on to it when you are inevitably found out? What do you think happens to future prospects once you are revealed to be an untalented fraud? This is the epitome of short term thinking gone large.

Woke writers in Hollywood quickly reveal they have one card trick, and it gets old pretty fast. If you need an example, just watch any movie by Taika Waititi. The first one seems alright... then you realize it's just the same gag over and over unto exhaustion.