Saturday, May 21, 2022

NPR Continues Pushing Great Replacement Theory

NPR Radio reports:
At the forefront of a global fight against hatred and racism is a special U.S. envoy, Ambassador Deborah Lipstadt. Her mandate at the State Department is to monitor and combat antisemitism.
She is probably best known for her efforts to cancel a historian.

She wrote a book on Jewish Holocaust revisionism, with her main argument being that some stories are important to Jews and chould not be challenged.

FADEL: Since the attack in Buffalo, we've been hearing a lot about this racist conspiracy, the replacement theory. And when I hear that, I think back to Charlottesville, nearly five years ago, when we watched neo-Nazis and white supremacists march with torches and chant, Jews will not replace us. Can you just explain this debunked and racist conspiracy and its danger?

LIPSTADT: Sure. There is a belief amongst people such as the killer in Buffalo and too many others like him. And what they argue is that there is a concerted effort, a plan, a scheme to replace, to destroy white Christian culture, to turn white Christians into a minority by flooding their countries with either people from Africa, Muslims - in this country, people from, quote-unquote, "south of the border" - and to render white Christians a minority. But there's something else that motivates them or that is part of that theory. They look upon people of color as inferior to white Christians. There has to be someone behind them making this happen. They are the puppets. But who is the puppeteer? And some of them will immediately say, it is the Jew, because in their eyes, Jews are not white.

A couple of days ago, NPR was complaining that those Charlottesville guys were "mostly young white men in polo shirts and khakis".

She looks white to me, but she also works with Jewish organizations to undermine White Christian culture. In that sense, she is not White.

FADEL: And this idea, this conspiracy that has no truth to it, it's not fringe anymore. It doesn't feel fringe anymore.

LIPSTADT: You're absolutely correct. There is an increasing percentage of the American population who believe this is really happening and who think that America's identity is under threat. And whether they read it online, whether they hear it in the media, whether they hear it from certain politicians - but they believe it.

It is funny how everyone can agree on a non-fringe idea that "has no truth to it". Maybe they believe what they see with their own eyes, rather than Jewish propaganda.

Ann Coulter lists a bunch of Democrats supporting Great Replacement Theory, and notes:

The New York Times on neoconservatives, August 4, 2003: “For the past few weeks, U.S. President George W. Bush has been surrounded by a secretive circle of advisers and public relations experts, giving rise to all kinds of conspiracy theories and debates. It’s been said that the group’s idol is German Jewish philosopher Leo Strauss.”
She does not mention how Pres. Biden follows Jewish advisers and promotes GRT. He said that he ran for President because of resistance to the idea that Jews will replace us with non-Americans, here he says the Great Replacement is a "good thing".

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