Sunday, May 29, 2022

Democrats Favor Great Replacement

Pedro L. Gonzalez ,writes in Newsweek:
Democrats and progressive activists, based on their own rhetoric over the years, subscribe to "replacement theory" more than anyone else. As vice president, Biden himself said that a "constant" and "unrelenting" stream of immigration would reduce Americans of "white European stock" to an "absolute minority," and that this was "a source of our strength."

Democrats weren't always so sanguine about demographic change, though.

Recall that the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) assured concerned Americans that the 1965 Hart-Celler immigration law would "not upset the ethnic mix of our society" — it would not, in other words, result in demographic change. That kind of talk from a Democrat is unimaginable today. It was also, in retrospect, simply incorrect.

Yes, that was a big lie, and the 1965 Act has caused most of America's problems today.

Libertarian Reason argues in this video that the Replacement theory is spectacularly wrong because Democrats have not been politically successful in granting citizenship to all the illegal aliens, and because some immigrants voted for Donald Trump!

Democrats have only increased the USA population by 130 million since 1965. I guess they tried to bring in many millions more, and the Libertarians believe that everyone in the world should be allowed to move to the USA.

Of course many sensible immigrants voted for Trump. Trump was a so much better President than Biden that it is hard to see why anyone would vote against him.

The Libertarian video also complains that Americans are more willing to spend welfare on Americans than foreigners!

Amusingly, Google puts a disclaimer on the video, saying that Replacement is a far-right conspiracy theory. I think that it is promoted much more by left-wingers.

Update: Here is a typical comment:

This is interesting. So Nick Gillespie and Regan Taylor call Tucker Carlson not just wrong, but "spectacularly wrong" about replacement.

Yet, interestingly, they don't actually argue that it isn't happening. Instead, what they argue is: it's happening, but it's good!

Reason probably gets a lot of money from the pro-immigration lobby. It is funny to see Libertarians be so anti-freedom.

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