Thursday, December 02, 2021

Anti-racism is a Form of Anti-Whitism

Ibram X. Kendi writes in Atlantic magazine:
“critical race theory is explicitly anti-white,” to use the words of Christopher F. Rufo, a travel-documentary filmmaker turned leading critic of CRT. At his final campaign rally, in Loudoun County, Virginia, Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin said, “What we won’t do is teach our children to view everything through a lens of race where we divide them into buckets and one group is an oppressor and the other is a victim and we pit them against each other and we steal their dreams.”

Republicans provoked a backlash against CRT, which they also call anti-racism or wokism. Their backlash won 2021 elections. “But it wasn’t a backlash of parents,” William Saletan found in his close study of polling data. “It was a backlash of white people.”

How many Americans know that the claim that anti-racism is harmful to white people is one of the basic mantras of white-supremacist ideology? Americans are familiar with white-supremacist movements like the Klan, skinheads, neo-Nazis, and the Proud Boys. But they don’t seem to recognize white-supremacist ideology—the most venomous form of racist ideology. I suspect that many Americans don’t know how much white-supremacist ideology shapes their political thought and America’s political discourse, and allows juries to exonerate racism and convict anti-racism.

He wants Whitew to pay reparations to Blacks until Blacks have as much money as Whites.

Those supposed white-supremacist movements probably have a combined membership of less than a thousand people. Meanwhile Wokism has taken over all of the major centers of power and influence.

I found this definition:

Anti-Whiteism or Anti-Whitism [an-ti-white-is-um]


1 all concepts, ideologies, actions and everything derived therefrom (such as opinions, policies, laws, rules) that inflict injury on white people i.e. European people.

2 hostility towards whites.

3 the infliction of harm on whites by many implicit and explicit means and methods.

4 presupposing that whites are more privileged (a common myth) and therefore must be brought to non existence and ultimately white-erased.

5 the personal hate of whites because the whiteness of their skin. this case is often called (anti-Whiteness) Note: Anti-Whiteness or Whiteness is a term used by Anti-Whites to mean whites are inherently racist and must rid themselves of their “Whiteness”. This term is not recognized by the white community.

Clarification of use: Anti-White does NOT mean Anti-racist.

Yes, Kendi is anti-whitist.

It is interesting to see how antisemitism compares to antiwhitism. The NY Times reports:

Éric Zemmour, a far-right polemicist who officially declared on Tuesday that he is running in next April’s presidential election, is the loudest and most extreme voice of French racism today. ...

The great irony is that Mr. Zemmour, twice convicted of inciting racial hatred and discrimination, is a Jew ...

With the advent of mass immigration from France’s former colonies, antisemitism was largely replaced by anti-Black and, especially, anti-Arab racism. ...

for Mr. Zemmour there is no crime for which Muslims are not guilty. The cause of exurbanization, with working people forced to drive to work from their distant homes? The immigrant “occupation” of cities and their suburbs. The spread of drugs? All immigrants’ unaccompanied minors are drug dealers. The cause of resource shortages in hospitals? Immigrants’ abuse of a system to which they don’t contribute.

His solution to these problems — and every other — is simple. Like the antisemites of France’s past, he wants to reduce the presence of immigrants in the country’s life.

The immigration is making France less French, and a less desirable place to live.

Thses articles regularly conflate race with religion. Islam is not a race, and those who are anti-Islam do not like white Moslems.

"Semite" is a racial category, while Judaism is a religion, and Israel is a nation. There is no agreement on whether anti-Israel people should be called antisemitic.

Likewise, some who are anti-American are really anti-white. It is not always clear whether they are against the race, the nation, or Christianity.

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