Thursday, May 28, 2020

More race-baiting from NY Times

The NY Times is going nuts again with stories about supposed black persecution. There is Arbery who died while resisting arrest. He tried to take a shotgun. There is a Minnesota black man who also died while resisting arrest. I watched the video, and it appears that he lost consciousness while waiting for the ambulance. The cause of death is unknown, and perhaps we will learn from an autopsy. If the autopsy shows that the man died of a neck injury, then the cop is probably at fault, but I doubt it.

There was also a minor dispute between a dog-lover and a bird-lover in NY Central Park. Both exhibited some rude and threatening behavior. No one was hurt, except that the white woman was fired.

While I could second-guess some of these characters, it is not clear that any of these incidents have anything to do with race. The black birder guy did use a derogatory word for a white woman, and the dog woman got fired for being racist, so there is some relation to race. But it is not clear that anyone got mistreated because of racial identification.

So why does a Jewish newspaper invent racial conflict wherever it can?

It is the same strategy used by Russian Communists. When they put out anti-American propaganda, they consistently to stir up racial animosity or other conflicts that would turn Americans against other Americans.

When the NY Times published its list of 100,000 "incalculable" COVID-19 deaths on its front page, one of the very first victims was a black man who the newspapers reported as having died of gunshot wound. Why did it say this guy died of COVID-19? Why did it say 100,000 is incalculable? These are not mistakes. The newspaper is propaganda.

The NY Times has been pushing Commie propaganda for a century. The Jews who run the paper hate black people, and want nothing to do with them. They would be slavemasters today, if slavery were legal. Their interest in blacks is just a device for attacking White America.

Meanwhile, CNN reports:
In new guidance for mathematical modelers and public health officials, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is estimating that about a third of coronavirus infections are asymptomatic. The CDC also says its "best estimate" is that 0.4% of people who show symptoms and have Covid-19 will die, ...

Still, the "current best estimate" number of 0.4% is significantly lower than the 3.4% mortality rate the World Health Organization warned in early March.
The lockdowns were based on that 3.4% estimate.

The CDC says that only 30-50% of infections show symptoms, so the death rate is more like 0.2% of infections. And if you look at healthy people under age 50, the death rate is a whole lot lower than that.

Update: A lot of people are saying that the Minnesota cops are guilty of murder. I am in the minority on this one.

One argument is that the cop choked the man to death, by blocking his trachea and stopping him from breathing. I doubt this, as the cop's knee is at the back of the neck, and nowhere near the trachea. Also, the man was talking for the first couple of minutes, so air was passing thru his trachea just fine.

Another argument is that the cop blocked one the main two neck arteries, causing death. Again, I doubt it. It takes a lot of force to block the artery, and the cop does not appear to be using force at all.

Another argument is that the cop should have checked the man's pulse, and gotten medical attention. But he had called an ambulance that got there a few minutes later. It is unlikely that the cops could have done better than that.

The autopsy may determine that the man died of COVID-19.

Update: Now rioters are looting a Target story. Because black lives matter, I guess.

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