Friday, May 01, 2020

Many countries allow joint child custody

The Japan Times reports:
Justice Ministry survey finds many countries allow joint child custody after divorce

Many countries such as Canada and China allow divorced parents to have joint custody of their children, a survey by Japan’s Justice Ministry showed Friday.

Of 24 countries surveyed, only India and Turkey have a sole custody system as Japan does.

Joint custody is also the norm in South Korea, Russia and Indonesia, according to the survey. Italy requires divorced parents to agree on their children’s education and whereabouts.

The sole custody system is criticized for limiting the opportunity for parents who lost custody and their children to interact with each other.

Most of the countries surveyed have measures in place to support interactions between divorced parents and their children, including public monitoring.

The ministry will use the results of the survey to consider law revisions, officials said.
Occasionally I hear people say that countries like Japan and India are pro-family.

No. Systems that routinely disconnect parents from their kids are anti-family.

It sounds as if Japan is going to consider laws to allow public monitoring of parents to visit their kids. No, that is not pro-family either.

Japan has degenerated into a sick society where hardly anyone even has kids anymore.

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