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Jews hate comparison to lizard people

Apparently the Jews now consider it anti-Semitic to promote lizard conspiracy theories.

Leftist-atheist-Jewish-evolutionst-blogger professor has all the opinions that you would expect, except that he criticizes what he calls the Regressive Left (and I call the Ctrl-Left), and supports free speech. Here is an example:
Here we have one more example of “intersectionalism” that, instead of dealing with combined oppressions, pits one marginalized group against another. This, of course, has fractured the Left in the last few years. There are two notable examples of how liberal values have collided. The first involves the collision between Muslims on the one hand, and feminists, Jews, and gays on the other. Since many Muslims and virtually all Muslim-majority countries oppress women and gays and often call for the killing of Jews, this pits sympathy for Muslims, seen as a “people of color”, against sympathy for women, Jews, and gays, also seen as marginalized groups.

The other is the collision between black and Jews, seen most prominently in the Women’s March fracas. Jews have long been oppressed (they’re the biggest victims of per capita hate crimes in the U.S/),
No, Jews have not been oppressed. That is just some crazy Jewish myth. In terms of money, power, and influence, they are the highest status group in the world.

It is not true that Jews are victims of hate crimes. The Jewish ADL says so, but that is only based on counting Jewish hoaxes. Someone did shoot some Jews in Pittsburgh, but that guy said that he was mad at them because they were bringing criminals into the USA, not because they were Jews.
while blacks of course are marginalized and have experienced a long history of segregation.  But Jews are now seen as pawns of the hated state of Israel, and so have been demonized by the Women’s March organizers and by Black Lives Matter. I see this as a great shame, as African-Americans and Jews have often been allies, most notably in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

These conflicts have been resolved by a simple rule: favor the most pigmented groups — Muslims in the first case and blacks in the latter. In other words, it’s become largely okay on the Left to ignore the oppression of minority groups by Muslims, with that oppression justified by the Qur’an and its interpretations.

It’s also okay, at least for the Women’s March and their sympathizers, to ignore the fact that Women’s March leaders are great admirers of a homophobic, racist, and anti-Semitic bigot, Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam. I hasten to add that there are plenty of people who have called out the “bigotry of low expectations”, but there’s no denying that the Collision of Oppressions has not only enervated the Left (the Women’s March is no longer seen as a completely progressive movement, and other women’s marches are splintering off), but also made our side look fractious and sometimes ridiculous to centrists and those on the Right.

Now we have another collision — again between blacks and Jews. This involves Alice Walker, a beloved black writer who deservedly won both a Pulitzer Prize and a National Book Award for her book The Color Purple. She’s now been accused, justifiably, of not only promoting anti-Semitism but of being an anti-Semite herself.

This all started with this “By the Book” interview in the New York Times, in which Walker was asked to name and discuss the books she’s reading now.
The NY Times is run by mostly Jews for the benefit of its largely Jewish customers, so it is a little funny to accuse it of anti-Semitism.

Its crime here was to quote Walker saying that she was reading “And the Truth Shall Set You Free,” by David Icke. Coyne then quotes Jewish critics of Icke:
Walker’s reference to Icke was first called out by Tablet Magazine, pointing out his book’s numerous anti-Semitic statements. Among those are claims that Jews are “programmed to see themselves as God’s ’chosen people’” and that they are to blame for the prejudice and oppression they have faced. He calls the Talmud “among the most appallingly racist documents on the planet.” Despite the evidence, he maintains he is not an anti-Semite.
Jews are programmed to see themselves as God’s ’chosen people’. That is an obvious fact. If that is anti-Semitic, then so is the Bible.
Making a name for himself on his conspiracy preaching, Icke is a major proponent of the belief that lizard people control the world, a myth that began entering the news roughly 10 years ago. In 2015, Vox called his 1998 book, The Biggest Secret, “an important tome in lizard people theory.” In 2012, Icke spouted his theories in an extensive interview with Vice in which it was noted he’s convinced the moon is actually a hollow sphere used as a space station that manipulates the minds of the public. ...

More than anyone else, the British conspiracist David Icke has popularized the Alien version of New World Order conspiracy. The former sportscaster’s elaborate theory is the Sgt. Peppers album-cover of the genre, featuring the Masons, the Vatican, the Illuminati, the House of Windsor — everyone is there. At the center of the theory is an alien race of lizard people from the fifth-dimension. Though Icke has always denied trafficking in anti-Semitism, he has endorsed the Protocols of the Elders of Zion — the famous forgery and foundational text of modern anti-Semitism — choosing to call it “The Illuminati Protocols.” ...

The Illuminati are the descendants of a race of shape-shifting, blood-drinking, child-sacrificing alien lizard people. “In simple terms, there is a predator race which take a reptilian form,” Icke told Vice in 2012. “They’re feeding off humanity. They’re turning humanity into a slave race. They demand human sacrifice — that’s where Satanism comes in. They feed off human energy. They feed off the energy of children.”

Many but not all of these evil lizard people are Jewish. Icke is fond of saying that the Rothschilds, a prominent wealthy Jewish family, are lizards. But he has also said that the British royal family the Windsors are too, and so is former President George W. Bush, neither of whom are Jewish. ...

Tablet lays out more of Icke’s anti-Semitic writings. What’s funny is that, as Vox notes, “Icke maintains that he is not an anti-Semite, and that he is criticizing not real Jews, but 12-foot-tall alien lizard people, many of whom seem to be posing as Jews.” I can’t stop laughing when I read that sentence.
The NY Times readers were so upset by this that it had to publish a couple of more articles defending itself quoting Walker.

When Jews complain about being an oppressed people, they usually mean that someone like Icke is promoting conspiracy theories. If lizard people could be plotting to take over the world, then maybe it is plausible that Jews are.

I don't know anything about Icke, but it is bizarre to see Jews complain about this stuff. Usually when Jews want to censor something, it is because there is a truth that they want to suppress.

If Icke were to somehow convince people of his lizard conspiracy theory, who would suffer? Surely George Soros would be fingered as a lizard man, and prosecutor Mueller would be seen as a tool of the lizard people. President Trump would be seen as a hero to the lizard resistance. That must be why Jews see Icke as dangerous.

Coyne summarizes:
it’s emblematic of what happens when the American Left, which seeks to regain political power in two years, turns on itself because it can’t decide who is more oppressed.  It’s also typical of the hypocrisy of much of the modern Left. If, for example, some right-wing American writer was asked what books she was reading, and the list included Mein Kampf or some modern anti-Semitic text, the  Times would be all over her like ugly on a frog. But this is Alice Walker, a much admired black writer, and so the Times doesn’t bother to criticize her, and only writes about the controversy when its hand is forced. This is just what the paper did when the leaders of the Women’s March were accused — by Tablet again — of being anti-Semitic. Don’t expect to see any discussion of this in the New Yorker!
Yes, the NY Times Jews would be triggered by an interviewee reading Mein Kampf, but the book is actually essential reading for anyone who want to understand World War II. It is not adequately summarized anywhere as far as I know.

Jews are always pushed for more education about the Jewish Holocaust. It is bizarre that they complain about reading primary documents on the subject.

Coyne says Walker is "much admired", but she is just a tool of the Ctrl-Left for attacking White men. She gains her status more from being a black woman, than for the crap she writes. No one would pay attention to a White man with her writing skills.

This story seems like just a case of Jews criticizing other Jews, but it reveals a lot. Coyne is an atheist who has written a whole book on how religion is factually incorrect. He opposes orthodox Judaism. So why would he defend the Talmud and Biblical beliefs about the Chosen People? Why would he even care about anti-Semitism?

One possibility is that Coyne is a lizard person himself. He wears just the sort of boots that you would expect a lizard person to wear. He conceals it because he is an evolutionist who understands that lizards are evolutionarily inferior ectotherms.

Another is that, even tho he has formally repudiated all supernatural beliefs and Biblical teachings, he has been programmed to identify with the Chosen Tribe. He does not even believe in free will, so he thinks that all people are programmed. His programming pre-dated his learning about atheism-evolutionism.

Regardless, Coyne has brilliantly exposed what the dominant media manipulators do to denigrate White Christian males and to undermine Western Civilization at every opportunity. Whether you call those media and culture manipulators the Regressive Left, Ctrl-Left, Jews, or lizard people is just terminology. There is an evil plot to destroy the world, and it surfaces as attempts to promote supposedly marginalized groups.

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