Saturday, December 22, 2018

Insurance company pushes miscegenation

I just got this Blue Shield of California ad in the mail.

I am wondering what the intended message is here. A black man is holding the hand and abdomen of a white woman. Does that somehow symbolize "the coverage you want, the care you trust"?

In the USA today, when a white woman is impregnated by a black man, he disappears about 95% of the time. Not that the man necessarily deserves more blame than the woman, but the child is extremely unlikely to reach age 18 with both parents in residence.

So the image seems to symbolize an insurance company that will disappear at the first sign of trouble. It does not symbolize trustworthy coverage or care.

Before you comment that interracial marriage is legal, that is beside the point. Blue Shield made a very deliberate decision to identify its image with a very black man sexually dominating a pretty young white woman. In the old South, a black man might be lynched for sexually violating a pretty young white woman.

It seems to me that Blue Cross is making a political statement here. It is celebrating the fact that the white society can no longer protect its women from black men. To prove it, we have millions of mulatto kids being raised by single moms. Barack Obama was one.

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