Thursday, July 26, 2018

Jewish physician gets doxxed for his views

A Jewish mag reports:
Jewish doctor at a New York City hospital has been “placed off duty” after an article posted online Monday claimed that he was Facebook friends with white supremacists and had frequently commented on some of the web’s most high-profile hate sites, ...

The doxxer spent six months investigating Bechhofer, and was in contact with people who knew him personally; documents shared with the Forward claim that the investigation included in-person surveillance.

Revealing Bechhofer’s private writings was justified because co-workers and patients ought to know his views, the doxxer said — especially considering the potential that his views of minorities could affect his diagnoses.

The investigation was done “so his neighbors know who he is and who they’re living near,” the doxxer added. “Just like child sex offenders get registered.”
Wow, 6 months of spying just to dox someone posting anonymous political opinions? And a hospital firing him for his opinions?

We have no free speech, if this is the consequence. Having a political opinion is not like being a convicted child sex offender. It should not be, anyway.

Here is his apparently most inflammatory opinion:
“I’ve had it in my head to write a little something called ‘A Jewish Defense of Anti-Semitism,’ but it’s been slipping my mind. In short, the vocal majority of Jews act so irritatingly and display such reprehensible attitudes – publicly and privately – that I’d rather see a ‘tempered’ anti-Semitism now than see Jewish perfidy continue without consequence until, as Johnny Cash might say, the man comes around. Because he will. As I frequently tell Jewish acquaintances, if there is another Holocaust, it will be entirely of their doing (I don’t get too into the genesis of the first one… I once tried, but mouths fell open and I was practically kicked out of the apartment). So, yes – I like to see (((them))) named and exposed where relevant. I would like to see a general boycott of Hollywood coupled with some Semitic realism. And I’d like to see the fanatical AIPAC supporters exposed as the dual nationalists that they are.”
Genetically, Ashkenazi Jews are half-white. So I guess they can be white nationalists.

Jews, like most other ethnic groups, prefer to live in a white Christian nation. Even if they hate the white Christians, the white Christian nations are better places to live.

My concern here is for free speech. How many people share his views, but are afraid to say so, because they don't want to get fired like him? We will find out when the man comes around, I guess.

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