Monday, January 08, 2018

Likes Trump policies, hates the man

NPR Radio broadcast an interview on
Controversial Social Scientist Charles Murray Retires

Murray says that immigration, globalism, and liberalism are destroying America, and it will never be great again. He implies that any fixes would be so drastic that he would never publicly advocate them. America is in an irreversible decline, and he has no suggestion.

Furthermore, he is a never-Trumper. He hates everything about Trump, and probably voted for Hillary Clinton.

However, Murray agrees with everything Trump has actually done in office.

Why did anyone consider Murray a great thinker or social scientist? He is a walking contradiction. He is like Sam Harris and a long list of other intellectuals.

If you listen to what they say, and exclude all the sentences including the name "Trump", then you would conclude that they should be firm Trump supporters. But when asked about Trump, they start babbling nonsense about some sort of emotional rejection of him.

An intellectual should be able to give intelligent and reasoned arguments for his positions. And yet Murray cannot seem to give a coherent argument against Trump. What is the problem?

I believe America is declining. I posted before that we might not be able to put a man on the Moon again. But irreversible? No, it is just a matter or will.

When we put a man on the Moon, we were putting our best men on the project. We had a 24-year-old engineer in Houston making a critical decision for the Lunar Lander. Now that job would be filled using a lot of factors other than competence, and no one would similarly trust him or her.

Murray is either clouded by his limited thinking, or chicken to say what needs to be done.

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