Friday, January 19, 2018

ADL targets whites for blame

CNN reports:
White supremacists were responsible for the majority of extremist killings in 2017 compared to other groups, according to a newly released report by the Anti-Defamation League.

Of the 34 people the league's Center on Extremism found were killed by domestic extremists last year, right-wing extremists killed 20 people, with 18 of those killed by white supremacists, it said in the report released Wednesday.
Really? Did I miss all those news stories? I only remember the one Charlottesville death, and that one might turn out to be an accident, or self-defense. The accused guy had no relation to the organizers, and his motives are unknown.

The ADL list of white supremacists includes one guy who "had been a supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders—seemingly because he thought Sanders would smash the establishment." Another who "allegedly shot to death two of his roommates for making fun of his recent conversion to Islam." Another who "arrested on first-degree murder charges for the murder of his uncle, Randy Gene Baker. Baker’s wife and sister were similarly arrested. The motive was apparently personal."

This is a Jewish organization making bigoted and hateful attacks against non-Jews, and using group generalizations to impune bad motives to white non-Jews. Okay, fine, they hate non-Jews, whites, and right-wingers. They are like the mirror image of the Daily Stormer, which tries to blame everything on Jews.

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