Friday, December 01, 2017

Spinelessness and contempt for democracy

I did not expect to agree with the World Socialist Web Site on anything, but it is a voice of reason on the US sexual witch-hunt:
The purge of the US entertainment, media and political world initiated in early October by the New York Times has chalked up two more victims. The spinelessness and contempt for democracy in these circles seems almost universal and unlimited.

NBC News announced Wednesday it had axed Matt Lauer, longtime co-anchor of its “Today” show, after receiving a complaint on Monday night about his alleged sexual impropriety. ...

The case against Keillor, 75, seems even more preposterous. ...

With the toll of disgraced and disappeared mounting daily, one can only wonder, who’s next?
However creepy the accused men appear, the accusers, the news media, and their accomplices are much creepier.

Speaking of socialists, I mentioned the NY Times profiling a national socialist. Now the guy has lost his welder job, and the NY Times has attached a disclaimer to the original story. There is another witch-hunt in progress.

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