Monday, July 03, 2017

Joking about deporting white Americans

The latest NY Times Jewish columnist writes:
In the matter of immigration, mark this conservative columnist down as strongly pro-deportation. The United States has too many people who don’t work hard, don’t believe in God, don’t contribute much to society and don’t appreciate the greatness of the American system.

They need to return whence they came. ...

And then there’s the all-important issue of demographics. The race for the future is ultimately a race for people — healthy, working-age, fertile people ...

Bottom line: So-called real Americans are screwing up America. Maybe they should leave, so that we can replace them ...

O.K., so I’m jesting about deporting “real Americans” en masse.
I am not sure what the joke is. He proposes deporting the white Christians, and re-populating the country with Jewish slave-masters and brown-skinned slaves.

This is some sort of NY Times Jewish fantasy that can only be articulated behind closed doors, or as a joke?

Or maybe he is speaking in code, and he really wants to deport all the Arabs, Somalis, Chinese, and others that he considers undesirable?

I don't think that the NY Times would publish an opinion column by a non-Jew saying things like this. Does being Jewish mean a license to create racial hatred?

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