Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dilbert tries to wake up Sam Harris

The audio discussion Waking Up with Sam Harris #87 - Triggered with Scott Adams is amusing. It is a good example of two intelligent ppl looking at the same facts and coming to opposite conclusions.

For a man who claims to be "waking up", Harris appears to be sound asleep to all the points Adams makes. Adams patiently explains Trump's method, and Harris repeatedly argues that Trump is just stupid, dishonest, and self-destructive.

It is funny how much time Harris spent on subjects he knows the least about. Harris has training in neuroscience, and Adams came onto the interview mainly wanting to talk about emotional and other arguments influence the human brain, but Harris addressed very little of that. Harris kept talking about climate change, but he seemed to know nothing but some leftist talking points, such as that we should not call it global warming and that 97% of scientists agree.

Adams challenges Harris for claiming to know what Trump is thinking, and Harris doesn't even seem to realize he is doing that.

Harris argued that Trump must be bad because Elon Musk took a risk to his reputation by dropping out of a Presidential advisory committee. Of course Harris has no idea whether that was risky or not.

Harris keeps repeating Trump-hater talking points, such as 17 intelligence agencies say Russia hacked our election.

Update: The next two interviews from Harris end with over-the-top rants against Trump. Harris is nuts.

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