Sunday, March 26, 2017

Testosterone Rex

Here is a NY Times book review of a feminist book denying differences between men and women:
Myths of Sex, Science, and Society
By Cordelia Fine ...

She dissects as she goes, bringing a probing intelligence not only to what we believe about gender, and why it’s often wrong, but also to the history of how we came to think it was so. ...

Again and again, Fine questions the way we think of biological sex “as a fundamental force in development that creates not just two kinds of reproductive system, but two kinds of people.” (Or as she quotes yet another academic: “Psychologically, men and women are almost a different species.”) ...

When she told her young son — who, she notes, “has a strange, unchildlike interest in taxidermy” — that it was time to get the family dog neutered, he excitedly suggested turning the testicles into a key ring.
Is that what happens when a gender-equality pseudo-science academic tries to raise a boy? He celebrates castration? Weird.

Scientifically, the book is nonsense. Sex differences in humans are real. See Cochrane or Coyne for details.

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