Saturday, March 04, 2017

No man would ever babysit

An Australian newspaper op-ed explains:
When our first daughter was born my husband and I made a family rule: no man would ever babysit our children. No exceptions. This includes male relatives and friends and even extracurricular and holiday programs, such as basketball camp, where men can have unrestricted and unsupervised access to children.

Eight years, and another daughter later, we have not wavered on this decision. ...

The blanket rule against allowing our daughters to be in the care of lone male adults means that we do not have to make a moral assessment of every man. My husband and I do not want to delve into the characters of every man that we know and assess whether or not they are potential sexual predators, so we apply our rule to all men to avoid casting aspersions on people. ...

In this context, potentially hurting peoples' feelings is the price my husband and I are prepared to pay.

Kasey Edwards' new book Guilt Trip: My Quest To Leave The Baggage Behind will be released in May 2017.
This is genius. When Pres. Trump announced his travel ban, he should have just announced he was banning all Moslems "to avoid casting aspersions on people."

Maybe school segregationists should have explained that they don't want to assess the character of black ppl, so it would be better to separate them all to avoid casting aspersions.

Sometimes I see arguments that we must submit to the demands of some group, or they will turn into crazy killer. Here is a variant:
Actor Riz Ahmed has warned that a lack of diversity on TV is alienating young people.

Actor and rapper Riz Ahmed has warned that the enduring failure to champion diversity on TV is alienating young people, driving them towards extremism and into the arms of Isis. ...

Ahmed called on the government to act, particularly to overturn the unconscious bias in hiring that was preventing talented people from black, Asian and minority backgrounds rising up the ranks. He said public money should be tied to representation targets for broadcasters to break the cycle of top jobs going mainly to white men.
I thought that the top jobs already went to minorities, namely, Jews. If anything, we should have more top jobs for white Christians and Republicans.

If the Moslems are just one TV show away from joining ISIS, then maybe they are too unstable for top jobs anyway.

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