Saturday, April 30, 2016

Using foreigners to replace American jobs

In a discussion of Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina favoring using foreigners to replace American jobs, a cuck comments:
I don't think racism has anything to do with it, but I don't know why Americans deserve good jobs more than anyone else. If someone needs the work and they can do it as well as me, I don't care if they are from another planet. ...

I am sure it sucks to experience a diminishing job market and standard of living but why are Americans more deserving, divine right or something? I don't buy the argument that "we" built this economy unless you mean humans. I think we just need to learn to live with less. You can get a lot of nutrition by licking slime off rocks and there is enough slime here for everyone. (joke stolen from simpsons)
Fools like him are being manipulated to sell out our national interest.

Another says:
From where most of us on the altright stand, Cruz looks like The Establishment Candidate: strong defense, protection of corporate interests, and nominal attention to irrelevant social issues. The GOP likes him because he will not rock the boat, and they can keep playing Little Red Riding Hood to the big bad wolf of the Democrats. That way, the donations can continue to roll in and yet they do not have to take any risky stances. Everyone in Washington is keeping everyone else there employed, and the consequences to America and her people are entirely irrelevant.
They don't like Cruz that much, as Boehner says that he is Lucifer in the flesh. But many of them would rather lose with Cruz, than let Trump re-align the political parties according to nationalism versus globalism.

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Anonymous said...

There are billions of desperate people in the world and there is no limit to offshoring and substitution. It's the new antebellum South. In the end, it just sends an economy backwards with non-innovative slave labor. The main cause of the industrial revolution was high wages. If there were too many forms of cheap labor, then we would have never got automation. Technology would be much further ahead if it wasn't for the flood of foreigners. For instance, we should have automatic pickers by now. Even fast food should have been automated a long time ago.