Monday, April 18, 2016

The cancer of human history

Radio Derb said:
Here's the thing. Fifty years ago next fall, back in 1967, the lefty magazine Partisan Review published an essay titled "What's Happening in America" by Susan Sontag. Ms Sontag told us that, quote:
The white race is the cancer of human history; it is the white race and it alone — its ideologies and inventions — which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself.
Susan Sontag was white, and that essay is a landmark in the history of white ethnomasochism. A lot of people at the time were shocked by it; but Ms Sontag had lit such a candle as, by God's grace in America, shall never be put out.

White self-hatred is now the conventional wisdom. The media promote it in a thousand ways.
Derbyshire's following program says he heard from listeners who pointed out that Sontag was Jewish. He defended calling her white, by saying that Jews cannot be blamed for white ethno-masochism. He says that he is anti-anti-white, and criticizes those who vilify whites.

He points out that there are plenty of white non-Jews who have enacted anti-white policies, and since whites outnumber Jews by a wide margin, whites would have little excuse for letting Jews trick them into destroying themselves.

He calls himself the "dissident right", but says that the term "alt right" has gotten more popular.

All that may be true, but if Sontag identified as Jewish and not white, then her anti-white rants are not examples of white ethnomasochism. She was just an example of one ethnic group hating another.

Many Jews identify as non-white, and work to undermine whites.

There are also self-hating Jews, but that is another story.


Anonymous said...

Are there examples of Derbyshire criticizing Jewish behaviour at all?

The Sontag article is another example of Jewish control of the media. Sontag is not an important person in any real sense. Yet promoted way beyond her limited talents. There are high school kids with more brains and talent but because they are not Jewish no one will ever know them or invest in them.

Roger said...

Derbyshire commonly discusses ethnic groups, so I am sure that he has discussed Jews, but I don't know what he says about them.

I gave a couple of links to Jews identifying as non-white. If you have contrary info, go ahead and post it.

Anonymous said...

Really ? How, Why ? Who told you that ? or where did you read that ? What's it mean when a non-Jew, like me says "stuff like that " ? Am iI also trying to undermine whites ? Is everyone tring to undermine whites, including whites ?

Saying stuff like that... an example of Jews undermining whites...This is some brilliant argument you make here. I wish it made some kind of sense, somehow.

Again, you don't have a way of refuting the truth or the validity of a nother's statement of fact, you have to resort to makijng all sorts of asssumptions, that aren't true and make no sense.

Roger said...

You keep trying to get me to say things I didn't say, or to bring up peripheral topics.

Anonymous said...

Sontag was married to Philip Rieff. Look how conservative he turned.

Anonymous said...

"You keep trying to get me to say things I didn't say, or to bring up peripheral topics."

I'm trying to get you to say things that you didn't say ? How can I get you to say things or even try to get you to say things ? How can I get you to bring up peripheral topics ? You decide whatever it is that you bring up or don't bring up. You deide what you say and don't say.

How am I or Hillary Clinton or some Whites trying to undermine Whites ? This is something that you brought up, right ? I don't think there's people trying to undermine Whites. Maybe there are people doing this and I'm wrong. I've just never seen or heard any proof of it. It's a pretty vague assertion to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Is Trump undermining white males, too, or is it just that no one likes Trump ?

Roger said...

Yes, there are two main complaints about Trump. (1) Nobody likes him. (2) He is so popular that no one can stop him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they could have written the same article and plugged in Clinton's name and it wouldn't have been any less accurate. Trump's problem is that he's like black licorice. Most people don't like him, but the people that do like him really like him a lot but, that's only about 1/3 or 40%.

I think it's unfortunate that the U.S. doesn't do as some other nations and have voters write in their second and third favorite choices for president and use a mathmatical equation based on overall points to choose the winner. The way it is now, and for the past 20 or more so years, we keep electing a president that about 45-49% of the voters hate.