Monday, February 29, 2016

Hollywood and Oscars have degenerated

There is a current movie out called The Gods of Egypt, with mostly white people playing ancient Egyptians. I actually don't know whether the ancient Egyptians would be considered white or not. The ancient Greeks and Romans are often considered white, and whiter than the inhabitants of Greece and Italy today.

The Oscar went to Spotlight as best picture. It is the supposedly true story of uncovering child sex abuse in the Catholic Church.

I did not see the movie, as it appears to be anti-Catholic propaganda. The ex-Catholic makers brag about exposing how John Geoghan molested 100s of kids. But the only thing he was ever convicted of was grabbing the buttocks of 10-year-old boy at a public swimming pool 11 years earlier.

The newspaper complains about various people ignoring molestation complaints, but the newspaper itself ignored the same complaints.

I am always suspicious when people make accusations that are (1) wildly implausible; (2) based on recovered memories many years later; (3) not thought to be criminal by anyone at the time; and (4) invented only when the accusers have the chance to win large damage awards.

This movie is sick, and so is everyone who treats it as a true story.

I did not watch the Oscars, as most other people did not either, but apparently it was a big feud between the blacks and Jews. Last year's big movies mostly had gratuitously anti-white movies, but that was not good enuf for the blacks and the Jews. Blacks have been over-represented in acting Oscars over the last 15 years, but that is not good enuf either.

Today, the white-haters are all complaining than Trump only disavowed David Duke and the Klu Klux Klan only 40 or 50 times, or whatever he did. CNN badgered him to disavow various other groups, and Trump refused, without specifying the groups.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are labeled non-white by the NY Times, and they are attacking Trump for not being anti-white enuf.

More and more, I am convinced that the white-haters want to start a race war. And I am classifying people by whether they have signaled white hatred or not.

As I write this, conservative Jewish movie critic Michael Medved is complaining that Donald Trump is an "existential threat to the conservative movement". By conservative, he means the neocons and cuckservatives who have controlled the Republican party, and brought us foreign wars, bad trade deals, high immigration, and anti-white policies. One can only hope.

A Mass. blogger writes:
Tomorrow is Super Tuesday and people have been in a tizzy for months over the prospect of Donald Trump as President. My Facebook feed is about 30 percent comparisons of Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.
I expect this to continue for the foreseeable future. Trump will probably be the most pro-Jewish President ever elected, but that does not matter. He does not buy into certain liberal Jewish ideologies.

Medved says that Trump is certain to lose the election, and predicts that Trump will lose all 50 states. This is crazy. Hillary Clinton supporters are scared of Trump, and I think that Trump could win 45 states. He has the broadest appeal of any candidate running.


Anonymous said...

If you really believe what you are saying, make yourself a ton of money and put big money down on Trump. Vegas has Trump at 3 to 1. Triple your money overnight. 45 states sounds like a LOCK if there ever was one, right ?

Trump doesn't stand a chance of beating Clinton. There's just too many blue states. He can't win. In the open primaries, those democrats that are voting for Trump are voting for Trump so that Clinton will have an easier opponent to run against in the general election. They aren't really voting for Trump because they want Trump to be the next president. Théy don't want Clinton to have to face Cruz or Rubio.

Roger said...

Vegas does not take bets on Trump.

Trump draws the biggest crowds, and has the most enthusiastic supports. Those Democrats are going to be voting for Trump in November.

Anonymous said...

Here is how you can legally bet on the race if you want to. Good luck if you choose to.