Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cal adopts intolerance policy

I mentioned this university being intolerant of intolerance, and now it has a new policy:
Students, professors and activists wrangled at a public forum Monday over how best to address intolerance at the University of California, with some Jewish groups arguing the schools should adopt a policy with a more precise definition of anti-Semitism and others saying it would stifle free speech. ...

David and other Jewish groups pressed university leaders to adopt the U.S. State Department’s definition of anti-Semitism, which includes denying Israel’s right to exist and blaming it for all interreligious or political tensions.

UC President Janet Napolitano said in a radio interview in May that she believed the system should adopt the definition. Her remarks drew criticism from First Amendment advocates and those critical of Israel’s policy toward Palestinians, saying it could be used to censor free speech.
I thought that Jewish groups often objected to the idea that American Jews are more loyal to Israel. But apparently it is the opposite, and they say that criticism of Israel is an offensive attack on American Jews.

The word anti-Semitism used to mean people hating the Jews. Now it means Jews hating other people.

Israel limits immigration to Jews. If it is bigoted to oppose that, then it is also bigoted to urge Europe to accept Moslem migrants.

For other example of college attacks on free speech, see campus censorship, Hans Bader, feminist calls for restrictions, Atlantic article, UK threats, The Rise of Victimhood Culture, Suzanne Venker.

Also California state law allows for an individual to be civilly committed just because he does not ‘think correctly’.

Update: Even a famous feminist might be censored, because she said that wearing a dress does not make a man a woman. More on Venker.

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Israel does not limit immigration to Jews.