Monday, November 12, 2012

Essays on favorite explanations

Psychiatrist Joel Gold writes in the new 2012 book on favorite explanations:
There are people who want a stable marriage, yet continue to cheat on their wives.

There are people who want a successful career, yet continue to undermine themselves at work.

Aristotle defined Man as a rational animal. Contradictions like these show that we are not.

All people live with the conflicts between what they want and how they live.

For most of human history we had no way to explain this paradox until Freud's discovery of the unconscious resolved it.
This is crazy. Freud never discovered any facts about the unconscious that were not already known to Aristotle, and he did not explain any of those paradoxes.

A lot of the answers don't really explain anything. Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi writes in the same book:
I hope I will not be drummed out of the corps of Social Science if I confess to the fact that I can't think of an explanation in our field that is both elegant and beautiful.
In recent social science, I would suggest the remarkable extent that the recent American election vote was predictable by demographics. The marriage gap was 20 points.

Another explanation is why Liberals do not understand conservatism .

Also, a remarkably large amount of feminism and female behavior is explained by hypergamy. Just look at the General Petraeus scandal. Other such explanations may be found on Roissy's blog.

Other explanations that you can only find on politically incorrect blogs have to do with HBD = human biodiversity. For more info, see this hbd bibliography.

A good question for next year would be to ask for a fallacious explanation.

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A K Haart said...

"Freud never discovered any facts about the unconscious that were not already known to Aristotle,"

He rephrased a few and invented a few more though.

A very interesting post, especially the marriage gap.