Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why physicians lie to us

Did you know that physicians consider it ethical to lie to patients about the outcomes of genetic tests? Read about it here:
Lying to patients about genetic tests is wrong
or here:
All this sort of story does is make me be convinced that what we need widespread personalized genomics so that we can analyze our own sequences with open source applications, and cut the physicians and institutional testing laboratories out of the equation.
That is right. We should get test results straight from the lab, and not give some physician the opportunity to lie to us about the results.

Update: Here is a followup:
When it comes to what a child should know I tend to disagree with the consensus among genetic counselors. It seems that the implication from the current guidelines is that children shouldn’t be tested for adult onset disease until they can give consent. I can’t go along with this.
Medical ethics is a strange field. I would not trust their conclusions about anything.

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