Wednesday, February 15, 2012

American nuclear family

The hbd chick tries to correlate family type with ideology, based on the 7 family types. The discussion is mostly about Europe. To simplify, there are 2 main types:

American nuclear family - autonomous unit consisting of dad, mom, and kids; dad is head of household; Christian ideals.

Old world family - arranged and cousin marriages; rigid inheritance rules; household authority includes extended family; tribal culture.

The past 50 years have seen systematic attempts to undermine the American nuclear family. There are many factors, including financial incentives for single motherhood, massive immigration by old world families that refuse to assimilate, and leftist-feminist opposition to Americanism.

I think that they are on to something. Family types explain a lot. A big advance in European civilization occurred when Christianity abolished cousin marriages about a millennium ago. Islam has not. Families are very important in China and India, but they are not like the American nuclear family. The American nuclear family made American great, and now no one is defending it against the forces that are out to destroy it.

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Rainer B said...

I learned a few years ago that the concept of nuclear family was introduced into great Britain in the Victorian age and has been praticed there ever since.
This opposition of two family types is familiar to me from my childhood. When we talked in school and in church about the difference between the recent immigrants from southern Europe, also called 'Gastarbeiter', and us. Us practicing what you call the American nuclear family, them practicing what you call 'Old world family', but only with half the rules: there were no arranged and cousin marriages among the Italians, but households included extended family and there was a tribal culture.

Rainer, Germany.