Friday, February 24, 2012

Books about the FBI

There are a couple of new books about the FBI, and here is what I learned. J. Edgar Hoover's secret surveillance programs were explicitly ordered or approved by the President, including FDR and Kennedy. Hoover was a homosexual or cross-dresser. The FBI spied on M. L. King because because his top Jewish advisor was a Communist. Hoover cut off Sen. Joe McCarthy from info because Pres. Eisenhower regarded McCarthy as a political threat. The Watergate scandal was largely the result of the deputy FBI director vindictively sabotaging Pres. Nixon by illegal leaking slanted info from investigations.

Commies and commie sympathizers have always hated Hoover's FBI. If he really had presidential authorization for all of his investigations, then any blame should be on FDR, Kennedy, and the other presidents, not Hoover.


Igor Alexander said...

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Alright Schlafly, I get the point. You don't want me posting on your blog.

Well, no need to worry, since as a rule I won't post where my comments aren't welcome. Sayonara.

P.S. I had your Einstein book bookmarked and was planning to buy a copy, but I think I'll drop that idea. I can't quite bring myself to cough up $20 given the strange and furtive behavior you've exhibited here.

Roger said...

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