Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cannot consider musician for his accomplishments

Criminal defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz writes
Gilad Atzmon was invited to attend a celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. at the Friends Meeting House happening late this week...

I cannot overemphasize how serious this matter is. ...

I cannot imagine an overtly homophobic, sexist or racist musician being invited “solely for his musical accomplishments.”

Dershowitz, a professor at Harvard Law School, is author of “The Trials of Zion.”
Really? Musicians cannot be considered for their musical accomplishments anymore, and must also be judged for the political correctness of their views? And the serious of those judgments cannot be overemphasized?

Many famous musicians have endorsed Che Guevara in various ways. Companies sometimes get blamed for it, such as the recent Mercedes-Benz Apologizes for Using Che Guevara Image. I think Mercedes-Benz was only trying to make a harmless joke. But musicians seem to get a free pass. Surely endorsing Che is more offensive than any opinions that Atzmon has expressed. Dershowitz is the bigot here.

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